Jezza Smilez Returns — Podcast #271 — 04/04/11


Hey sex fans,

I have the pleasure of welcoming back that marvelous artist illustrator, Jezza Smilez for another helping of his charming and insightful take on the creative process. This is Part 2 of his appearance for The Erotic Mind series, don’t cha know.

You did hear last week’s show, right? But if ya didn’t that’s ok, because Part 1 of our chat is archived right here on my site. Simply use my site’s search function in the header. Type in Podcast #269 and voilà! But hey, don’t forget to use the #sign when you search.

Jezza and I discuss:

  • The ethnic diversity of his characters;
  • Going against the grain of what is popular in the world of comics;
  • Comic-con and Bent-con;
  • Collaborating with and supporting other comic makers;
  • Being compelled to create;
  • His chosen media — words and images;
  • What he looks for in the erotic art of others;
  • His inspirations.

Be sure to check out Jezza and his delicious artwork on his site HERE! He’s on Facebook too. Find him HERE!


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