Podcast #133 – 06/17/09

Hey sex fans,

We’re back with more fun with Dick and Jane Monk of TwistedMonk.com.  And we’re not just having fun either, no siree!  (Although you’d never know it from all the giggling going on.)  No meatloafbuckaroos, this is actually some serious Sex EDGE-U-cation.

You see, my conversation with Monk is part of our look at the world of fetish sex, kink and alternative sexual lifestyles.  As you know I’m chatting with prominent educators, practitioners and advocates of unconventional sexual expressions and lifestyles from all over the world in the hopes of gaining some perspective on edgy sex.  And that’s why this exceptional bondage performance artist is here again this week.

If you somehow missed Part 1 of this amazingly insightful discussion look for last week’s podcast #131.

Monk and I discuss:

  • The edgier side of Monk.
  • The versatility of human sexual response.
  • The cultural conflicts of kink.
  • His professional Dom persona.
  • His sexual heroes.
  • His polyamorous private life.

Monk invites you to enter his world and visit him at his website HERE!


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